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The Grace School is an individually crafted programme that shows you step-by-step how to thrive and flourish in every area of your life by learning the skills of positive health.


Rather than just telling you to live

a "healthy lifestyle" we actually show you how to live the lifestyle
that is healthy for You. 

Have you ever thought why is that some people are healthier than others?
If so, you have probably come up with a few answers such as: "they have good genes" or "they are just lucky." What if it wasn't entirely true?


What if you could actually learn how to get healthy and stay healthy
the way you learn to read, write or drive a car?


What if you could think like a doctor and act like a CEO of your own successful health company?

When you act like a CEO you don't rely on serendipity.

You take responsibility. 

When you think like a doctor,

you build trust, develop resilience

and embrace uncertainty,
as medicine is an uncertain science. 

When you act like a CEO

you don't rely on serendipity.

You take responsibility. 

Positive health is applied self awareness backed up with an evidence based medicine. 

When you act like a CEO

you don't rely on serendipity.

You take responsibility. 

When you act like a CEO

you don't rely on serendipity.

You take responsibility. 

When you learn the skills of positive health

you will thrive and flourish. 

Your relationships, career, economics

and wellbeing will prosper. 

When you think like a doctor,

you build trust, develop resilience

and embrace uncertainty,
as medicine is an uncertain science. 


Live with Grace

Positive health is based on aspirations not avoidance, joy and celebration not fear. 

If you can learn business skills or communication skills, you can learn health skills too. 

Positive health is based on aspirations, joy and celebration, not avoidance and fear. 

It works miracles for anyone who is ready

to take their health and life

to the next level. 

If you can learn business skills or communication skills, you can learn health skills too. 

The programme consists of 6 one-to-one sessions with one of our Grace School coaches,
and 49 positive health principles delivered daily over a period of 7 weeks. 


A weekly one-to-one session with one of the Grace School coaches will support you through the 49-day journey helping you explore your individual needs, discuss your progress and keep you motivated. 


Classes will be released on our private member-only website page. Each class consists of articles, videos, ready to print templates and worksheets, inspired action plans, a list of resources and further readings. All information is based on medical research translated into an easily understandable language. 


Rather than just telling you to live a "healthy lifestyle" we actually show you how to live the lifestyle that is healthy for You. 

" The impact of The Grace School has been multifold.

  The lasting benefit is that I have established some new    behaviours. I am so pleased with it! "  

" In terms of health changes, I have reduced alcohol intake and I don’t drink during a week.

Reducing wine intake has been on my mind for a long time, but I’ve never had the framework to deprive myself of alcohol. Doing it as part of The Grace School seemed relatively straightforward and I am pleased that I've done that. That was hugely beneficial and I am very pleased with it. It wasn’t that I drank very much, but our culture is embedded in going for a drink. For me, it was a habitual glass of wine at home in the evening either at dinner or preparing the dinner. I felt it was a signal to switch from work to home. It was a hard habit to crack. I sleep so much better, and I feel better. 
Also meditation and preparing for bed that has always been a struggle for me has now become easy so to get that right has been really great. 


Seven weeks allowed me to form new habits which is fantastic.
Having greater self-compassion was a whole new concept for me and I hadn’t ever considered it at all. It was mentally beneficial and set a great foundation for self-confidence. Just being able to use that in practice was extremely helpful. Also looking at the purpose and meaning through in a more holistic way was very enriching. Another thing I really enjoyed was writing the daily gratitude. 


I really liked my one to one sessions. My coach Eric is an absolutely superb coach and obviously an experienced coach. I really enjoyed working with him. He was extremely challenging and I felt he was a phenomenally good listener. He took the sessions beyond what I would call coaching. He was following the principles of The Grace School and was instructing too. It wasn’t just a reflection of my own resources or how I was seeing things. There were elements of leading the conversation at some stages, but at the same time I felt he was totally in keeping with where I was so I didn’t feel that I was out of sync at all. The solutions were still coming from within myself and it wasn’t imposed on me. It was excellent. 


Knowing that I had a session made me more conscious and it definitely raised my game. It kept me on track as I knew that I was accountable to myself and also to my coach. 


Staying motivated was tricky at times when days were busy, but I was really enjoying the whole process and I felt the real benefits. Keeping a journal, printing and saving the exercises also helped. Of course, the coaching sessions made the programme even more interesting and helpful. 


The daily gratitude and the self-compassion have completely changed the way that I look at so many things in life. The minute I am into that habit I start appreciating the smallest of details and really look out for things in a very different way. The fact that it was part of The Grace School programme disciplined me to do it and to get into the habit of it. I was amazed at how quickly I saw things differently. That was the greatest revelation to me. 


To be part of the seven-week programme when I could actually see and feel the benefits was amazing. 


It was a fantastic opportunity to look at myself and my whole life openly. The way the information was presented made me think about various aspects of health and life differently. I liked the framework and was very receptive to it. I was consciously making time for it. In fact, I spent more time going through the daily classes than I anticipated, but I really enjoyed that. I have recommended the Grace School to my aunt, my sister and one of my friends. 


Having the whole programme, drawing a line in the sand and looking at all my behaviours and all my approaches was just fabulous and I really enjoyed having that opportunity."

Clare Levi, Business Coach and Consultant, UK

Clare Levi, Business Coach and Consultant, UK

" Just before I started The Grace School my cholesterol level was high and I was worried. I just didn't know how to change it except taking my statins. With all the information that was coming through with the daily classes, I've learned so much. For example, I realised how the foods I eat is impacting my body, how bad sugar is for me. I’ve learnt a lot about the way of eating, the right types of foods to eat, and I really took it on board. There was so much I could learn. I also am more active. I get off the train one stop earlier and do the extra walk and regularly do my fitness classes. Another thing I took from the programme was the emotional benefit. 


The Grace School was a wonderful experience. I’ve learnt so many things from the programme. My diet, my exercise level, and my way of thinking have changed. It’s made me think differently about my health and my life. Each day I took something different, and I genuinely benefited from it.


I really liked the medical articles, videos and daily inspirations. A lot of the information helped me learn more about blood pressure, cholesterol and all kind of medical conditions. The classes about self-compassion and compassion for others, looking at the bigger picture, listening to others and trying to keep the mind still were excellent. 


The impact of the programme was tremendous. My blood sugar level has definitely dropped; I walk a lot more, minimum 5.000 steps a day and tend to walk whenever possible.

I am back in my fitness class after a three-year break. I am planning to have a conversation with my GP about the medications I've been taking for more than 14 years and hope to reduce the dose of my statins and my blood pressure tablets.


I see The Grace School as a big gift. It’s made a huge difference in my life. For me, it was certainly a shift. I had a shift. 


The programme has really opened my mind in many ways. I look at things differently and have a different approach to life. In result, I am healthier and more active. I'm speaking less and listen more. I'm calmer, more grateful, less anxious and let things happen in their own natural forces. I am also more relaxed around my family and let my son have more freedom. He has noticed the changes and recently bought a big bunch of flowers for me, purely because I let him be himself and take more responsibility for his life. It was a big shift. I am also more conscious and self-aware at work when talking with people who visit our bank, particularly the elderly. I smile more and always try to say something positive. 


I really want to progress, put into practice what I’ve learned. I encourage others to be grateful for what they have and try to help other people with what I’ve been taught. I also want to give something back so I have decided to collect food and help homeless people for Christmas this year.
It's the ripple effect. My family and friends have noticed the change. 


In terms of my motivation, my coach Stacy has helped me a lot. I think it was a perfect match, and I loved the sessions. It was wonderful to have someone to guide me. Every week we discussed different topics from The Grace School programme like gratitude, values, priorities, self-kindness, meaning, etc. She taught me to look at things from a different perspective. The sessions connected with the whole seven-week programme perfectly and I feel these were like glue to hold it all together. 


It would be wonderful to meet with all of the people who created and participated in The Grace School to connect and exchange our experiences. I really look forward to joining the second edition.


I genuinely believe that I was blessed to be able to participate in the programme. The Grace School came along for me at the time when I needed it most. It has certainly made a difference in my life. I believe that it happened for a reason. 

" I see The Grace School as a big gift. It’s made a huge        difference in my life. For me, it was certainly a shift.

  I did have a shift."

Sylvanna Blaize, Bank Customer Service Officer, UK

"I chose to do The Grace School when I knew I would have a really heavy workload and my time would be really pressured. I wanted to see if I could find a way of working that didn’t end up with me losing myself in my work and getting burnout. It worked!


I was very nourished by The Grace School programme. I knew that there were lots of other people working together on the same material at the same time and I really felt their powerful energy. It was like an invisible force of support from those working behind the programme and supporting us, but also people working alongside as part of the same ethos. It was amazing to know that so many people are committed to working with compassion on all those big issues. 


I really felt that invisible force. It was like being on a crest of a wave. We were all together. 


The Grace School has made a big impact on the way I live my life. Having the whole programme with those values that are very important to me gave me a really strong sense of myself. The self-compassion now informs my life on every level, so that valuing myself as well as others is becoming second nature.


The content was fantastic. Having evidence-based medicine behind the work made me realise that there's a whole body of researchers I can learn from. It gave me a shift in perspective. 


The most important part for me was Week 5 - The Compassionist. I loved the idea of self-compassion, the importance of nourishing myself. In consequence, I asked for an increase in hours and a pay rise for my most challenging freelance project and it was granted. Because I  was on The Grace School Programme, I felt very strong and supported in making the request. The pay-rise and extra hours have had a direct knock-on effect on my health. I had fallen back into bad work habits and if I had carried on working the way I used to, I would have ended up stressed and run down which would have led to my suffering from arthritis again. I also wrote a manifesto for myself for when I am working with Charities that is focused on self-compassion. I shared it with the people I manage and they responded really positively and it has informed the way they approach their own work and self-care.

Self-exploitation is rife in the Charity and not for profit sector and The Grace School offered so many tools and strategies to support healthier, sustainable ways of thinking about the self and ways of approaching work.


Another theme I loved was the gratitude. I realised that although I was always very grateful for my family, friends, my body, etc., I hadn't really considered gratitude for my very being, the nature of my own person. I now start each day with that awareness.


The one to one sessions were invaluable. It helped me stay with my commitment to the programme and grounded my experience, rather than it all just being a dialogue with myself in my head. It was an incredible experience, even the simple act of having my journey witnessed by the coach helped me keep focused on whatever issue I was working with throughout the week. It also kept me stay motivated. 


I loved the fact that whatever issue I was struggling with the approach wasn’t patronising, telling me what I should be doing. Instead, I was guided through the whole process of the inner work needed to shift and make lasting change. I saw all those exterior behaviours and the manifestation on the interior level. That was really helpful. 


The Grace School has helped me re-assess my priorities, re-evaluate my life and identify what I really value. I have become more self-aware and self-compassionate and take much better care of myself. It was an amazing gift. 


I've recommended The Grace School to several of my friends. I believe all of them have different reasons for doing the programme. I know it will meet their needs whatever issues they are struggling with whether it comes to their health, exercise regime, the way they eat or finding meaning and purpose in life."

"  I really felt that invisible force.
   It was like being on a crest of a wave.
  We were all together."

Deborah Barker, CEO & Project and Development Coordinator, UK


Registration for upcoming edition is now closed. If you want to  learn more about the programme and our next enrolment period click the button below to enter your name and email address.

Our goal is to make your learning experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. You will have weekly one-to-one sessions with your coach to explore your individual needs, a community support to help you stay on track and an online multimedia learning to expand your knowledge. 


We strongly encourage you to implement what you have learned by taking small steps and connecting with others as quickly as possible to get the best results faster.

Personal Support

You will be guided and supported by one of our dedicated Grace School coaches. Your weekly one-to-one sessions are designed using our unique value driven coaching model which is an integral part of the Grace School curriculum. It is essential that you commit to the sessions, turn up on time, do the homework and follow through during the week.

In our private, members-only community page, you can post your questions, interact with others and find your accountability partner. With an active community support by your side, the journey is more enjoyable and effective. At the end of each class, you will have the opportunity to leave a comment and get a response from the Grace School doctors, coaches, dieticians, fitness experts and all those who just like you participate in the programme.



The Grace School curriculum has been developed by a team of experienced medical professionals, health and wellness coaches, dieticians and fitness experts.

You will have an access to scientific, evidence based information and state of art research translated into an easy understandable language. Short videos and real life lectures from the world's best universities will help you expand your knowledge. 

In the Grace School we believe in practicality, therefore our programme is action oriented.

We encourage you to take a daily inspired action or come up with your own ideas that work best for you. You will have an access to videos, articles, ebooks, templates and worksheets in PDF files to help you stay focused. 



We are confident that if you do the work, positive results are guaranteed. Your motivation and commitment to the programme are essential. 

At the end of the 49 day journey you will have more control over your health, a better understanding of your physical and emotional state and the knowledge and skills to cope with adverities when they occur.  


Read the curriculum below to discover exactly what you will learn in this seven week programme. 



Build a rock solid foundation that will set you up for

a long term positive health succes



Why positive health is the best medicine you don't use and how to take control over your health once and for all


Why “one size fits all” approach doesn't work when it comes to lifestyle choices


What essential regular check-ups predict your long-term health success


How to handle the vital question:“What if I don't like exercising” and come up with a smart solution that works for you


How to stay permanently hydrated, why the “rule of eight” really works and how much water is too much








Create a strategic plan for success and take baby steps

to make things happen






The most important factor that most CEOs use to guarantee your life will have more focus



Why clarity equals power and the three things you need to get clear about if you want to create positive health results



The “Ultimate Juicing” guide, how to personalise it and choose what’s best for you



How to take baby steps and start walking more often in a smart and strategic way



The art of sleep and what specific sleeping routines are crucial for maintaining a healthy weight and sharp mind




Redefine your priorities and focus on progress, not change






The art of pruning. Why redefining your priorities is fundamental to making space for
the healthier future to show up



Why you need to cultivate faith and build up momentum before you feel like giving up



Why what you have been told about low-fat foods simply wasn't true



Guidelines on cholesterol and why statins are no longer the magic cure for everything



The healing power of 10.000 steps and how to make them enjoyable





Self management is essential to make the most of the unique assets you have






How knowing your strongest points is the key to fuel your energy and start losing weight



How to determine the one thing that makes you feel as if time had stopped for you

and how to master what you really love doing



Guidelines and considerations to help you recognise the seven warning signs of a heart attack well before it occurs



The key to choosing the right carbohydrates and how "clean eating" may help



The true purpose of walking barefoot and how it fits into your overall health plan




Understand the difference between empathy and sympathy
in building rewarding relationships






How honesty, love and compassion can help you stay well and get well when things go wrong, as they do



The one action you must take every day if you want to break your sugar cravings



Why “keeping it simple” is often the fastest way to start losing weight



The five “cul de sacs” in gluten-free foods that almost everyone falls into and how to make sure you make the right choice for yourself



The real truth about the right dosage of vitamin D and the sun that most people never understand





See the silver-lining, learn and grow






Approved methodology for going deeper than you've ever gone before to add meaning and transform a post-traumatic stress into a post-traumatic growth



How to determine the best way to self manage a chronic condition



The three things you have learned from your parents about dairy and how it affects your health today



The rule of thumb when it comes to making smoothies, choosing the right fibre and grains



The importance of really knowing why modest exercise keeps you happier, healthier and fitter than spending hours in the gym


Help others to help yourself. Giving is not a one way street. 


Help others to help yourself. Giving is not a one way street. 



Help others to help yourself. Giving is not a one way street






How to think like a philanthropist understanding that giving is not a one sided process and why you need to give to yourself before you give to others



Why you need to see the bigger picture and commit to something larger than yourself before you can feel truly fulfilled



The key foods that help control your blood pressure and how to use them without overdosing



The ultimate “eating out smart” checklist that guarantees you will have an outstanding dining experience without packing on the pounds



A simple formula to find out exactly how to transform numbness into aliveness.
Side effect - thriving and flourishing!



" With the knowledge I acquired, and as a result of      following the programme, I have brought my blood pressure    right down and avoided taking medication. "

The timing of starting with the The Grace School was uncanny for me. It coincided with a frightening experience I had when running; I collapsed during a half marathon and subsequently had a lot of tests on my heart. One of these showed that I had very high blood pressure. The programme came at just the right moment as it opened up a whole new world of information and insights which supported me through what was quite a stressful time.


I can honestly say that the principles of the Grace School resonated with me 100%. The more I became involved in the classes the more empowered I became because I was learning and adopting new behaviours, all in the knowledge that the information and exercises are evidence based, practical and pragmatic.


I felt totally in accord with the programme’s mission of promoting healthy lifestyles and demonstrating that it’s up to individuals to take responsibility for transforming their own lives.


The daily content was well structured and very interesting. I looked forward to hearing my Grace School email swoosh in to my ‘phone early in the morning and, whilst still in bed, I would see what the daily theme was and look forward to going through the class later in the day on my computer. The balance between nutrition, relaxation, activity and evidence-based medicine was excellent and I was always eager to discuss what I had learned with my coach during our weekly sessions. My coach was incredibly receptive, encouraging and supportive throughout.


I think that the most important message of The Grace School is the notion of taking responsibility and realising how much we can do to influence and control our physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.


Many people become ill because they make unwise choices in relation to diet, exercise and managing stress and they end up taking medication which could be avoided. The Grace School shows how to put into practice the philosophy of holistic health by making conscious choices, day by day, step by step.


I truly believe that if everyone were to enrol and follow the programme the outcome would be astounding; healthier, happier people feeling balanced, fit, energetic and aware!


The programme helped me take ownership, become more resilient and grow in understanding; it’s very inspiring to see change and actually feel better both physically and mentally as each day goes by.


With the knowledge I acquired, and as a result of following the programme, I have brought my blood pressure right down and avoided taking medication.


This outcome is better than I could possibly have imagined and I feel confident that the changes I have made can be sustained long-term. The Grace School has been the catalyst for this transformation and has lead to ongoing learning and self-development.


I am sure that the programme could be hugely beneficial to people who may be passively taking prescription drugs without being aware of the alternatives and the many different ways to self-heal. In addition the Grace School initiates the creation of positive energy which becomes contagious. I can honestly say that I feel more calm and compassionate as a result and I know that my friends and family have noticed this and are appreciative.


I endorse the The Grace School wholeheartedly; it takes you on an educational, practical and spiritual journey with tangible and sustainable results. It’s very exciting to feel rejuvenated in spirit, more physically aware and now even more determined to face the challenge of running a marathon in the New Year!

Carolyn Salisbury, BBC Radio journalist, life coach, UK

" When the programme started, I was going through all kind of changes and the programme was almost a continuation of my journey. The Grace School was another tool in my toolbox that consolidated the way I was feeling. It has equipped me in a very positive way. I appreciate the knowledge that I gained in both on the medical and the spiritual side. I very much believe in knowledge and understand that prevention is better than cure. It was great to be reminded and reflect on my health and use the knowledge as a tool in my health toolbox. 


The whole programme was very inspiring and I still feel this inspiration within me. There was so much value every day… I loved the medical terminology and the medical topics some of which I knew nothing about. This knowledge has reinforced the fact that I want to continue to be healthy and that health is really important to me. It allows me to travel, to experience life and to do the things I absolutely love doing. 


Although I am a healthy person, health awareness and wellbeing are incredibly important to me. Focusing on a healthy way of living and using the evidence-based knowledge has helped me stay on the right path. 


The Grace School has helped me expand my self-awareness about all kind of medical problems. The structure of the daily classes and the way it was laid out were excellent. Many the inspirational quotes have stuck in my mind and I still have flashes of the beautiful images. I liked the fact that each week was named differently. It took my mind on a journey and changed my mindset. My favourite week was the CEO where we’ve learnt about gratitude. It was quite a new concept to me, and I discussed it later on with my Buddhist group. It has really changed my mindset and encouraged me to start my gratitude journal. There were some elements in the programme that I never have thought about before, for example, I’ve learned how important it is to touch the ground on a regular basis. 


It was great to have evidence and to qualify these concepts. That aspect was incredibly valuable. It has encouraged me to explore further. 


The content was excellent and I didn't need extra motivation. I was getting so much every day! The daily email with the class was often the first thing I was looking at in the morning. The email was coming very early and it was great to have just a glance when I was still in bed. I am a visual person and it was lovely to see the pretty pictures and the easy to read content. 


I would say that the content was the motivator. It felt inspirational, entertaining, and thought-provoking.


exercise that I think we all need. It was the first time when I experienced coaching and I didn’t quite know what to expect. I got on with my coach Christelle very well and felt we were on the same wave length. I liked the fact that we were working within the framework of The Grace School. It was great to talk with someone like minded but at the same time someone who was quite neutral and objective. I enjoyed exploring new ideas. It has helped me open up even more. I loved the week when we discussed values, meaning and purpose. I am still thinking about this and it has made a big impact on me. I recently started Buddhist philosophy courses and to practice Buddhist meditation, and I found many of the Grace School exercises very helpful eg. the one about super killers and super heroes which is also part of my Buddhist practice. Self-compassion was another fantastic


In my view the impact of The Grace School will last much longer than 7 weeks. There may be an immediate outcome, but the impact will be for years to come. There was so much information that is now stored in my subconscious that I know I will always be able to get back to it and reflect. We live in a very fast, goal oriented society where we constantly want to achieve our targets. It is really wonderful to be able to slow down and realise that we can actually achieve more when we stop and have more self-compassion. 


I am sure that The Grace School will open many people to a different way of thinking about health. I’ve spoken with many people about the programme. They could sense my excitement about it and they saw how much I was gaining from it. My enthusiasm was transferring the positive energy that the programme was giving me. I see the Grace School as a way of living with greater value to ourselves and to others which to me means a more connected approach to our wellbeing. The Dalai Lama said that people sacrifice their health to make money, and then they sacrifice money to retain their health. Then they live as if they were never going to die and then they die having never really lived. I wouldn't like that for myself. 


It’s well worth exploring how to live a healthy and meaningful life. At this point in my life I feel like floating in a river at a natural pace. The views are breathtaking, the people around me are wonderful and I am going with the flow in a very gentle way so I wasn’t interested in a programme that sets definite, real-time goals. I knew this kind of approach wouldn’t be beneficial for me. 


What I needed most was gratitude, self-compassion and an expanded medical knowledge. I have found it all in The Grace School. It was a fascinating experience that I would recommend to everyone."

" I am sure that The Grace School will open many people to a different way of thinking about health. "

Ita Yahya, The Frederick's Foundation, UK

" The Grace School has made a profound impact on me.

   It's made me look at health and life differently.
   It has made me think. "

" I really liked the daily classes and was waiting for the email every morning. It was great to know that it was always in my inbox waiting for me when I woke up. I loved the summary of what I could expect in the class and the direct connection between the email and the class. It was fully interactive and so easy to go through. What was promised was delivered.


The content was very rich, diverse and thought-provoking. There was always something new I could learn. I also enjoyed the idea of taking small steps. This has helped me make better and healthier choices. I have become more self-aware and careful with what I eat. Many things presented in the programme have made a practical difference in my daily life. I noticed that it was up to me how deep I wanted to go.


The more work I put into it, the more I benefited from it. It was an investment. I’ve made an investment in myself.


I feel much more confident when it comes to my lifestyle choices. I think it’s no accident how we choose our food so having the self-awareness has brought it to the surface. In result I am more selective about the foods we eat as a family, for example, we don’t have pasta more than once a week. The great thing about the programme was that many of the most controversial medical topics were explained in an easily understandable way, for example, the topic about good carbs and bad carbs. There is a lot of inconsistent and confusing information out there, so it was really good to have the supporting medical evidence behind the topics. Our medical knowledge is too often based on anecdotal stories rather than facts.


I felt that the knowledge was strategically planned, and many of the medical articles were interconnected. I was learning new things every day and reinforcing the most important points. It was fantastic.


The most challenging point of the programme was when I was in the States and lost my daily routine. The programme includes daily questions that require time and thinking process. Most often the answer wasn’t just yes or no. These were the type of questions that made me think, challenged my beliefs and made a huge difference once answered truthfully.


Although the tangible change was happening on the outer level for example with my lifestyle choices, the real change was actually happening within myself.


I absolutely loved the one to one sessions. It was very helpful and powerful to be able to discuss the issues that were emerging every week. All my sessions were aligned with The Grace School schedule. I could rely on my coach all along and even if I overlooked some aspects of the programme, she was always there to guide me. It didn’t feel like a traditional coaching. It felt like having an anchor. I loved the structure of the sessions and the support. It was amazing to talk with someone who was holding my hand and actually guiding me through the 7-week journey. I think that the one-to-one sessions made the programme complete. I really benefited from the week when we discussed gratitude. Although I was practicing gratitude before and felt that I knew how to do it, I realised that I had certain preconceptions. The Grace School has helped me deepen my gratitude practice and take it to the next level.


I had no idea that there was so much more to explore, and I know that I wouldn’t be able to do it without help. It was a big surprise for me. It’s made a huge difference, like learning about physical exercise and actually doing the push-ups. I literally felt the results. The gratitude exercise and practice were an eye opener for me. I’ve learned so much. I also loved the storytelling week. I was very inspired by the idea of changing my old story and replacing it with something new and meaningful. I took small, realistic steps to change my story, but with the help of my coach, I have actually made it happen. Having my coach Christelle guiding me through the whole process was extremely helpful.


The Grace School has given me the courage to make the changes I've always wanted to make. I know that I wouldn’t have done that without the encouragement and a gentle push of someone who actually knows how to do it. It was a great learning process with many aha moments."

Marianna Lepes, Business Strategist, Hungary


Registration for upcoming edition is now closed. If you want to  learn more about the programme and our next enrolment period click the button below to enter your name and email address.

This Grace School is for people from all walks of life who care about their health and understand that health is a priceless asset which needs to be managed wisely. The programme is not for everyone. It's not for people who don't value their health, who are looking for a quick fix or are unwilling to take small, but consistent action to get significant results. 


Decades of our medical experience with patients suffering from heart disease, diabetes, obesity and related conditions, have tought us, that there are many common threads and patterns they struggle with.

Changing these patterns is not easy. Designing the style of life that reflects your model of the world and is aligned with your core values is a healthier and more enjoyable way of achieving sustainable results and this is what we want for you. 


We can definitely help you if you are one of many
who have ever said something like:

"I've tried so many diets, but still cant's get rid of these extra pounds. Nothing seems to be working..."

"I want to be healthier, but
don't even know where to start."

"I eat too much sweets 
and junk food when I'm stressed, 

overwhelmed, depressed or just bored."

"Yes, I probably drink a little too much, but I just want to relax."

"I feel constantly tired, but struggle with getting

a proper sleep..." 

"Yes, I probably drink a little too much, but I just want to relax."

"I really struggle with
my emotional eating
and sugar cravings."

"I am worried about my cholesterol and sugar level, but how do I change the way I eat? I don't like fish!"

"Exercising is not my strongest point. 
Anyone to do the press-ups for me?"

"I'm too busy to think about health. 

I always feel tired and don't have time
and energy to work out!"

"I live with a chronic disease and don't know
how to cope with it. I am not the same person as I used to be before my illness. Life is a constant struggle."

"I try to eat healthy, but without help and support it's really hard. I have so much to say, but noone to say it to."


If you have ever experienced illness, you already
know the answer.
Good health is everything. 
It gives you a sense of control and confidence, 
peace of mind, freedom of choice, strength and
energy, joy, love...
it makes you feel Alive. 


"To lose one's health renders
science null, art inglorious,
strength unavailing, wealth useless
and eloquence powerless."



It's possible to learn and master your health skills to enjoy the life you love without strenuous exercise, temporary
diets or unhealthy self sacrifice.


In the Grace School we will show you
how to thrive and flourish

The Gifts of Grace - thriving and flourishing

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