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The Silver-lined Heart
The Silver-lined Heart





A new way of transforming health based on aspirations

not avoidance,  joy & celebration not fear

What We Do

The Silver-lined Heart raises funds to support people, projects and ideas 

in teaching the skills of positive health and changing the way we use healthcare.

Positive Health Experience

Our mission is to minimise the risk of lifestyle related diseases,

and accelerate the use of digital health. 

Our vision is a world in which we all live healthier and more aware lives
than previously imaginable

Our values reflect what we believe in, what motivates us to grow and thrive,

and how we are aligned with our work. 


Our culture of integrity, curiosity and courage reinforces our mission. 


Having dreams and inspiring ideas is great, but it takes determination, strategic planning and a long term perspective to transform dreams into reality. We use established business tools to measure the impact we make on peoples' lives. 


100% of all our online donations directly support our programmes. Our board of trustees makes an extra effort to raise additional funds to cover the daily costs of running our organisation. 


We don't just throw life-belts: we teach how to swim. Everyone participating in our programmes will be included in 1-year, 2-year, and 5-year follow up reviews to monitor the changes they have succeeded in making.


We ensure that everyone joining our programmes receives a personal professional support.
We give our participants the opportunity to attend one-to-one sessions with health professionals, coaches and mentors to make the programmes more efficient. 


Our dedicated team works with everyone who shares our values and ideas to learn the skills of positive health. We bring the experience, curiosity and enthusiasm to make a lasting difference to peoples' lives. 

We go to great lengths to help everyone improve their health and wellbeing to live the quality life they deserve. 


Our Charitable Status

Just like all registered charities, we are regulated by the Charity Commission and have full charitable status. 


All our activities are directed towards our ultimate purpose of saving lives and improving quality of life.


The Silver-lined Heart is a registered charity in England and Wales (1155244). A company limited by guarantee. Registered company in England and Wales (08196579). Registered address:24 Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2BN

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