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The skills, curiosity and joint effort of our team are transforming the Silver-lined Heart
from vision to reality

The Silver-lined Heart held its inaugural event in the House of Commons on June 5th 2013. People from many professions came together to be presented with the ways in which our organisation carries out programmes. 

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Our Ambassador

Justin Oliver Webb is a BBC journalist and broadcaster. He joined the BBC as a graduate trainee. He then worked as a reporter for BBC Radio 4's Today programme, before becoming a foreign affairs correspondent based in London and covering news around the world. He reported on the Gulf War and the war in Bosnia, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the first democratic elections in South Africa.

He then became a BBC News presenter based in London, and the main presenter on BBC One's Breakfast News programme, presented the BBC's One and Six O'Clock News bulletins and presented BBC Radio 4's The World Tonight. Justin spent three years working as the BBC's Europe correspondent based in Brussels where he reported on the workings of the European Commission and Parliament, the politics surrounding Britain's decision on whether to join the single currency and the enlargement on the European Union.


In 2001 he moved to the United States, as the BBC's chief Washington correspondent and he became North American Editor for BBC News, a role newly created in time for the American presidential election of 2008. He has regularly updated blog on the BBC website. In 2009, Justin returned to the UK having been given the job on the Today programme.

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Eva is a founder of the Silver-lined Heart and a cardiologist with a strong area of interest in acute myocardial infarction and reperfusion.

She was trained both nationally at the Heart Hospital and the Royal Brompton Hospital, London and internationally at the Columbia University, New York and the Mercy Angioplasty Hospital, Auckland developing and managing international partnerships.

Eva is an author of a book “Essential Angioplasty” which has been published in 2012 by Willey-Blackwell both in the UK and the USA and a co-author of chapters and medical publications. She holds a PhD in Cardiology; her thesis focused on echocardiography in patients with a funnel chest. She previously worked as a Research Fellow at the Brompton Hospital where she conducted research on the Chronic Total Occlusion.

Howard is a Director of the Silver-lined Heart and an interventional cardiologist with a strong area of interest in endocarditis, valve disease and pacing.


He was a consultant cardiologist to the Middlesex Hospital for 22 years and now works at the Heart Hospital in London. Howard was President of the British Cardiac Society 1998-2001.

He chaired the Hon Minister of Transport’s Panel on Cardiovascular disease and driving 2002-2009, and is a member of the medical panel in cardiovascular disease to the Civil Aviation Authority.


He is the author of “Swanton’s cardiology” (6th edition) and coauthor of “Essential Angioplasty” published by Wiley-Blackwell.


He has bench tested many new interventional devices and he enjoys the process of verifying their correctness using a wide range of imaging modalities. Over the years, he has made a number of observations that have predicted device behavior in vivo and have altered clinical practice.

John is an author of a book “Essentials of Bifurcation Stenting” which has been published in 2012 by Willey-Blackwell and a co-author of multiple chapters and medical publications. 




John is a Director of the Silver-lined Heart and New Zealand’s most experienced Interventional Cardiologist. He is a Medical Director of Mercy Angiography Hospital and the President of the Asia-Pacific Society of Interventional Cardiology.

John is also part of the Auckland Heart Group Charitable Trust. He has an extensive experience with clinical trials and has particular interest with drug-eluting stents. renal denervation and TAVI. 



Joanna is our secretary. As a development coach she trains teams
of employees and leaders within the education sector in the art of coaching others. Her mission is to enable educational professionals to work
with disaffected young people to understand that they have a bright future
to look forward to which is worth working for.

Joanna holds a Master degree in Education and a Bachelor Degree, Performing and Media Arts, First Class (Honours) She is an experienced teacher, lecturer and mentor. Joanna inspires and motivates people to improve various aspects
of their lives including building confidence, changing direction, recognising and realising their inner strengths.

She uses practical techniques and established coaching models backed up by neuroscience to facilitate
the development of both coaches and coaching clients. Joanna loves running and she ran the London Marathon in 2011 and 2013.

Our Coaches

Seattle, USA​

Eric is a Health, Wellness and Leadership Coach, trainer and facilitator with 15 years of experience in helping individuals, groups, organisations and communities address their health, wellness, and performance goals. Eric balances analytical thinking with a person-centered approach and is respected for his authenticity, standards of excellence and a great sense of humour. His individual level and group facilitation work are focused on enhancing awareness, generating insights and inspiring forward moving action fueled by genuine motivation, prioritised values, and practical application. ​

Eric supports his clients by his nonjudgemental approach while gaining personal insight, discovering new ways to break old habits, setting meaningful goals, and celebrating each and every success. 

Eric holds a B.S. in Psychology from Washington State University and a performance coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). Additional professional development includes training in Liberating Structures, Motivational Interviewing, small and large group facilitation through the Institute for Cultural Affairs, and long-term participation in a workgroup involving diversity, privilege and race. He loves adventure, nurturing deep relationships, and a quiet time to reflect, center, and dream. Contact Information:

Surrey, UK​

Dana is a Life Coach working solely with women. She helps women find and employ their inner strength and confidence to achieve their own definition of fulfilment and success in all seasons and walks of life. She is guiding them through the process gently and expediently. 

Dana’s coaching practice is based on her studies with Robbins-Madanes Training for Coaches founded by the top coach Anthony Robbins and a leading psychologist and author Chloe Madanes. She is also inspired by multiple philosophical and sound sources such as NLP and Ayurveda. 

Dana holds a law degree from Harvard Law School (LL.M) and a Ph.D. from Kazakh State University. She used to teach law before pursuing her career in life coaching. Contact Information: 


Winnipeg, Canada​

Laura is a Health and Exercise Psychologist. She believes that understanding the psychological determinants of healthy behavioural changes helps create and implement health promotion techniques, and better support individuals in adhering to their behaviour change efforts. She follows this principle in her role as a coordinator of the Cardiac Sciences Programme at one of the leading cardiac research hospitals in her hometown of Winnipeg, Canada. 

Laura holds a Master of Arts degree in Health and Exercise Psychology and is currently receiving her training and certification as a Health and Wellness Coach through the Wellcoaches School of Coaching programme.
Laura has years of experience working as an event and programme coordinator in the health and wellness field and has begun to explore further the role of the individual, as well as community supports, in health behaviour change management. Her graduate research focused on the motivational role of emotions in health behaviour change; particularly in exercise. She implements current research findings to assist her clients in health behaviour change strategies to increase their exercise adherence and, most importantly, exercise enjoyment. 
Contact Information: email: 

Seattle, Washington, USA​

Tom is a Life-Purpose and Relationships Coach. His purpose is to empower his clients to be authentically who they are and who they want to be.  He is an effective educator, leader, therapeutic listener and intuitive coach. His coaching has been enhanced by spending the last ten years empowering patients and families as a Registered Nurse in the Intensive Care department.

Tom started his coaching career three years ago while transitioning out of a twelve-year marriage, questioning self and purpose, emerging with a new found confidence in himself and the world around him.  Thus creating a way of being and living that is consistent with: “life is beautiful and perfect exactly how it is and exactly how it is not” and “I am perfect and complete exactly how I am and exactly how I am not.” From those two spaces, anything can be created and done. Contact Information:

London, UK

Carolyn is a qualified Life Coach, having trained with The Coaching Academy and gained a distinction grade Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching.
Her special interest is in holistic health; developing positive physical and mental behaviours to enhance and sustain wellbeing.

Carolyn's former careers were with the Lawn Tennis Association and, prior to that, the BBC where she worked as a radio journalist. She has three grown-up children and is currently training for her first marathon in April 2016.
Contact Information: 

St Albans, UK​

Christelle is a Co-Active Coach passionate about growth, helping others define and live their dream life. She likes to evoke transformation in the life of her clients, no matter how big or small, and help them make conscious decisions about how they serve themselves and others. 

She was born in France and was studying in Aix en Provence when she decided to finish her university in England. She has now lived in the UK for two decades. Christelle believes that coaching is a structured discussion that helps individuals answer a question they are struggling with or find a solution to an issue in their life. This is done by looking at what each client wants and what might be stopping them from achieving it. 

She feeds her inquisitive and adventurous mind by living, working and travelling in many environments, excited by fresh thinking and different perspective on life. Contact Information: 


Sierra Nevada, California, USA​

Stacy is a Professional Support Coach and a Certified Master Practitioner in Core Energy Leadership. Trained by the internationally-accredited Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, she brings professionalism and passion to her coaching clients. She values connecting authentically with people and is inspired by opportunities to help them become aware of their inner sense of true personal power and wisdom.  

Stacy lives and plays in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in California, where she enjoys hiking and swimming in local rivers and lakes. She gives back to her community through volunteering as an excellent way to make a positive difference Stacy is honoured and excited to coach students of the Grace School - one healthy choice at a time. 

Contact Information:

California, USA​

Mike is a Life Coach. He holds dual certifications from iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), a world class coaching school, and has since been able to work with clients around the globe.  He gained a business experience while pursuing his business degree, and is passionate about studies in self-development.  

Mike’s mission in life is to raise the consciousness of the world, and awareness of coaching’s applications. He wants to accomplish these objectives with other like-minded people.


Mike sees coaching as a methodology that allows people to utilise their “X-factor” to achieve fantastic results and access more of their intangible assets. With a balance of optimism and realism, Mike believes that changing a single thought can bring tangible results and change one's reality. Contact Information: 

London, UK

Caesar is a Life Coach. She holds a Diploma from Animas School of Coaching, London. Caesar coaches individuals in personal transformation, heart-centered business and relationships. She is particularly keen to work with those craving to be fully heard and seen and who are ready to show up in a big way.

Caesar helps people clear their mental resistance, make braver choices, and do things they didn't think they could do.She guides her clients helping them discover the parts of themselves that are holding them back, and reaffirm they own the ability to find the solutions they want and need. Caesar believes that now is the perfect moment to make the path for change. 

Contact Information:


Sherry Trentini
Calgary, Canada​

Sherry is a Grief Recovery Coach helping others create space, and bring balance using a fusion of Life Coaching, Feng Shui and the Law of Attraction.

Sherry believes that being grounded and understanding that we can choose where our thought energy is invested, allows us to live happier and more fulfilling lives.

Engaging what she had learned in her life about Feng Shui and the Law of Attraction became critical after the death of her husband, and six months later her Father.  By blending the two it has helped her connect to her core, maintain a positive and optimistic perspective, and move forward,  then and through to now.  Contact Information:

Barbara Stoll
London, UK

Barbara is deeply passionate about helping people and helping the Planet. She made a short detour in the field of performing arts as a cello player, singer as well as a TV programme hostess. Her University studies took her closer to her passion. She studied Economics, International and EU Relations, Mass Communications and Public Relations while teaching English.

She is dedicated to helping the Planet and fighting climate change and is pursuing a career at Greenpeace. She has also been deeply involved in self-development, spiritual theories, holistic thinking, and psychology. Barbara started her Transformational Coaching course in 2014 and has been coaching ever since. She is now also close to finishing her Person Centered Integrative NLP Hypnotherapist course. She is developing thinking around authentic leadership and teal organizations, to nurture people and fulfill her full potential by helping and inspiring others.

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